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In this six-part lecture series, I reflect on the nature of transformational work both as a client and as a practitioner. My aim in this series is not to produce an all-encompassing philosophy on the nature of personal transformation but rather to ask questions and provoke deeper thought about what the process of transformation entails.


This product is great for people who are:

  • Guides and Healers
  • Life coaches and others who aid people in the process of transformation
  • Those who are engaged in their own transformational and growth work
  • Those with an interest in becoming a coach or guide in the future

I have approached this series with a multi-disciplinary approach studying personal transformation from the standpoint of depth psychology, personality structure, mythic traditions, and modern approaches to spirituality. Throughout the lectures, I freely switch back and forth between the client and guide perspective, offering insights into both.


In lectures 1 & 2 (Psyche as Process), I am examining the separate components of the psyche and looking at the way they interact with each other. In effect, I am asking the question, What is it that happens in the psyche when we transform? I use models of spiritual awakening and the Jungian term, Individuation to frame the process.


In lectures 3 & 4 (Stages of Transformation), I break the process of transformation down into phases that help orient both the client and the guide to know where they are in the process.


In lecture 5 (Myth and Transformation), I look at the ways that we as a species have historically understood the process of transformation from a narrative perspective. That is to say, What do the oldest stories we tell have to say about the process of transformation and how might those stories apply to us now?


In lecture 6 (Transformation and Nature), I frame transformation as a process occurring in nature and draw insights from those observations. I also use this lecture to add detail to things that came up in the first five lectures for better understanding.

*Note: The first five lectures are video and the final lecture is audio-only. 

This lecture series may be purchased individually or may be bundled with a one-on-one coaching call if you are interested in further exploring how to apply it to your own work and life. I also talk in this series about personality structure and transformation so the one-on-one call may be used to explore your own personality dynamics and how to better work within them.


*Upon purchasing, you will recieve an attachment that will have a link to access the folder where you can download or watch the content. 

REBIRTH: six part lecture series

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